K3 ULTRA GBR 85K 2019

  • 28/09/2019 - 29/09/2019
    05:00 - 23:55

The competition K3 Ultra GBR 85km will begin the golden town of the Rhodopes Mountain – Zlatograd. The competitors, who have chosen the deepest route of the GBR marathon, will start to run from the south-east direction along the path leading to the chapel “Sveti Atanas.” Then the runners’ will crosse the eco-path” Hasider where an exciting experience will begin with incredible views of over 20 km to Kushla. There, the athletes will find a place to rest  – The Support centre.
Afterwards, the competitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the natural phenomenon of Bozhiat most ( The God’s Bridge)  and the rock temple of Tulpan.
Inspired by their surroundings, the runners will start to descent to Dobrotovtsi village and will cross Varbitsa river. This will give them the opportunity to have a rest before the start of the trip, which will take them through the boroughs Zagorski, Shipok and  Ustra village.
The ancient fortress “Ustra”, the phenomenon “Kaleto”, “Swan lakes” complement the distinctive route.
From the village of Lebed, the runners will take the directions to the village of Krajina. There, they will cross the Nedelinska River and start climbing the ridge above the village of Dolen and the town of Nedelino to the Gaber neighbourhood.
The contestants will be 10 kilometres away from the final, which is saturated by altered abrupt descents and extreme climbs.
There is something unique and challenging on K3 Ultra GBR, and this is the last 5 km to the finish line. All the competitors will meet each other no matter which route they have chosen at these last 5 km this will bring them all to the end.
Big things happen when people and mountains meet!