K3 ULTRA GBR 23K 2019

  • 28/09/2019
    10:00 - 16:00

GBR 23km is a distance suitable for lovers of short distances!
The competition will be given its start at the centre of the town of Zlatograd, after which it will proceed in the direction of the chapel “St. Atanas “. The runners will cross the Baliiska River and then will continue on the eco-trail “St. Sunday “.
Upon reaching Gaber neighborhood, the participants will be past half of the route. At that place they will have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible views that will unfold before them. The competitors will find the following descents and climbs leading to the chapel “St. Catherine ” an experience beyond description. There they will have only 5 km remaining to the end of the route. Approaching the final stretch,the contestants will feel a sense of incompleteness. They will be yearning for more of the precious emotions of GOLD BORDER RACE 23 km.